How to generate
Code 11 Barcode
for Free (online & offline)

What is Code 11 Barcode?

A Code 11 barcode is a type of symbology used in barcode technology to encode numerical data. It is a self-checking symbology, which means that it can detect errors in the encoded data. 

Code 11 barcodes are typically used in industrial applications and are often used to encode product identification numbers or other data that requires a relatively low data density.

When Code 11 is used?

Code 11 barcodes are typically used in industrial and manufacturing applications where a low density barcode is required. 

It is often used to encode identification numbers for products or parts, and it is commonly used in telecommunications and electronics industries. 

Additionally, Code 11 barcodes are sometimes used in the labeling of hazardous materials due to their error-detecting capability.



How to make a Code 11 barcode?

There are several ways to generate Code 11 barcodes:

 1. Online barcode generators: There are many online barcode generators available that can create Code 11 barcodes for free or for a fee. Simply enter the data to be encoded, select Code 11 as the symbology, and generate the barcode.

 2. Barcode software: There are various barcode software programs available  that can generate Code 11 barcodes. These software programs are designed for businesses and individuals who need to generate large numbers of barcodes on a regular basis. Free Barcode Maker is one of the best software for this purpose. Please read the userguide on the right to see how to generate a code 11 barcode for free.

 3. Excel: You can also create Code 11 barcodes using a barcode add-in for Microsoft Excel. Simply install the add-in, enter the data to be encoded in an Excel spreadsheet, and use the add-in to generate the barcode.

 4. Barcode printers: Many barcode printers are capable of generating Code 11 barcodes. Simply select the Code 11 symbology, enter the data to be encoded, and print the barcode.



Generate Code 11 labels with Free barcode maker software

Step 1. Download and install Free Barcode Maker

Click Here to to download the software. Then do double click on the .exe file to start installation. After that you will see the following main screen:

Step 2. Generate the barcode

From the homepage of the program you can immediately start creating your code 11 barcode. You need to set the following parameters (on the right of the program)

Barcode Value: value to be associated with the code 11 barcode
Barcode Size: width and height of the label
Barcode Type: choose CODE 11
Barcode color: background and font color

Optional parameters: Company Name, Product Name, Barcode alignment

Click the Generate Barcode button at the bottom right to preview the code 11 barcode

Step 3. Preview & Print Barcodes

 Once you set all print parameters click on PRINT PREVIEW button and you will be able to see the page with all labels ready to print.

If everything is OK, press PRINT (red button) and start printing all CODE 11 barcode labels

Step 4. Save Settings (optional)

In order not to redo the work of configuring and customizing the barcode every time, we advise you to save all the settings. Give any name to the project and then press SAVE SETTINGS to save the file in .art format on your computer


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