How to use Free Barcode Maker

Video Tutorial

User Guide

Step 1. Download and install Free Barcode Maker

Click Here to to download the software. Then do double click on the .exe file to start installation. After that you will see the following main screen:

Step 2. Generate the barcode

From the homepage of the program you can immediately start creating your labels and barcodes. On the right side of the program are all the barcode properties you’ll need to set. 

Barcode Value: value to be associated with the barcode
Barcode Size: size of the label in terms of width and height. For some types of barcodes you may need to increase these values manually.
Barcode Type: you can choose from over 30 types such as Code 39, Code 128, Postnet, ISBN, Code 11, UPCA, EAN13, EAN8, USD8, and so on
Barcode color: background and font color

By clicking on the barcode in the preview window you can edit and add text lines on the label. For example, you can add:

Company Name: text that appears at the top of the barcode and can be customized in size and color
Product Name: descriptive text that can be added under the Company Name
Barcode alignment: right, left or centered
Price: text that appears under the barcode with customizable size and font

NOTE: After each change, press the Generate Barcode button at the bottom right to update the preview that appears at the top left in the black box. Below you can see an example of barcode we generated with customized font and color.

Step 3. Preview & Print Barcodes

 Once the properties and characteristics of the barcode have been defined, you can proceed with displaying the preview (in the top left box). If everything is OK, you can proceed with printing.

FreeBarcodeMaker offers several settings to optimize label printing. Below the preview box you will find the following adjustable parameters for an optimized print:

Page Margins: margins (in pixels) to leave at the top, right, left or bottom of the page.
Columns and Rows: number of columns and rows to create on the page, and then define the total number of labels to print.

Column & Row space: to optimize the space between labels and print the largest number of barcodes per page.

Once you set all print parameters click on PRINT PREVIEW button and you will be able to see the page with all labels ready to print.

If everything is OK, press PRINT (red button) and start printing.

Step 4. Save Settings

In order not to redo the work of configuring and customizing the barcode every time, we advise you to save all the settings. Give any name to the project and then press SAVE SETTINGS to save the file in .art format on your computer

This file can be imported into the program when you want to automatically take all the settings you define.

Step 5. (optional) Bulk Barcode Print

If you have many different products for which you want to create and print barcodes, with FreeBarcodeMaker you won’t have any problems.
You will only need an excel file with a list of all products. This EXCEL file must be formatted in a specific way, as you can see from the figure below.

The Excel file should contain must contain the following 4 columns:
1. ProductName: name of the item
2. Code: barcode value
3. Qty: number of labels to generate
4. Price: this will appear at the bottom of the barcode (if you enable it)

From the main screen of the program click on the PRINT FROM EXCEL button and the following screen will open:

Now click on Open Settings File to import a project file you have saved before (it is a file in .art format). This file contains all barcode proprieties (color, barcode type, font, size, etc.).

After that you have to click on UPLOAD button to import the Excel file (in the same format as discussed before). All items will appear on the screen and you will be able to select the ones you want to print barcodes for.

Finally select the number of column, row and number of labels to print and click on PRINT PREVIEW to check. We suggest to select max 2 or 3 columns in order to have all labels in the page. 

Once done click on PRINT (button red on the bottom right of the program). In this way you will be able to bulk print barcodes for all your items or products! © 2023 Created with Royal Elementor Addons